SmithNThompson is a duo from Minnetonka, Minnesota. Collin Smith and Tyler Thompson were both born in 1989, and have been friends since 6th grade. Collin and Tyler got into the studio in early 2015 and starting making a cool new style of music that we now call "HipAcoustic". Although both artists have different music influences in the past, they blended those as the music started to flow, to create a unique sound. The first album "Trouble" was written, produced, composed and arranged by Thompson and Smith with programming by Rob Genedek. 

"Trouble" is best described as an Acoustical Alternative mixed with Country, Blues and a bit of Hip Hop.. The music has been influenced by listening to all types of genre's while growing.

Awake is a single following their initial album "Trouble" released on 6/21/17  was written about those suffering from illness, disease and/or the pain of dealing with a loss. The song asks that we shake ourselves awake and care for one another to make the world a better place.

Single "Feel So Crazy" released on 10/21/17 is a edgy HipAcoustic version of how love can make you feel, and you know it won't be the last time it happens. The vocals are a blend of Jack Johnson, John Mayer and a bit of Justin Bieber light rap. Asking how can I move ahead, when your all up in my head. How do I move ahead when you treat me like a lesser you, so I just don't know what to do.. Another song which SmithNThompson has put together great lyric's you can not only relate to, but sing along to.


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